Mats Eriksson - Manager

Mats is a manager for the R&D Centre and an expert in the coordination of Research and Development projects and has acted as Project Manager for a substantial number of projects in the last 15 years.  He is a member of the Swedish Association for R&D centers.  Over the years, he has established strong links with care and training providers and employers at local levels as well as with other academic research departments throughout Europe

Frida Hjertstedt - Planning officer and local project manager for Memory Media

Frida has a bachelor of science in social care. She is a planning officer in the municipality of Linköping and are working with planning and procurement in elderly care in Linköping. She is one of the contact persons for elderly care providers in the municipality. She reports to the politicians in the elderly board. Frida is working part-time at the R&D Centre in Linköping. She has knowledge in social care, including dementia care. She has previously worked with government and assistance handling in elderly care in Stockholm for 14 years.

Eva-Lena Lundberg - Dementia care developer

Anna-Lena has long experience as an assistant nurse and has been working at assistant living for younger people. She is currently working in a mobile dementia-team that is directed towards people with severe BPSD. Eva-Lena also works at the Learning center for good dementia care with education, tutoring and development of new ways of working within the area of dementia in Linköping.

Ingrid Hellström – Associate Professor at the Department of Social and Welfare Studies

Ingrid has a background in clinical gerontological nursing, especially in the care of persons living with dementia. Her main research interest is people living with dementia and their families in different stages of the disease. Ingrid mainly teaches in the Nursing Program in fields such as caring for the elderly, with particular focus on dementia, and the scientific method. She is a member of the management team for auditing the National Guidelines for care in dementia, the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen), 2015-2017. She collaborate with R&D Center in Linköping, on the Erasmus+ project Memory Media and within in this project she is responsible for the literature search.

Bo Davisson - Associate Professor

Bo's research interests include Learning in Working Life, Human Resources Development and competence development in organizations, the relationship between vocational training and working life, interactive research and evaluation.  He has extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative research methods as well as in supervising development projects in social services and on working life.  He had an extensive role creating the regional learning center for good dementia care.

Kajsa Wågman - IT strategist in the care sector in Boxholm Municipality

Has long experience in the work of people with a dementia diagnosis as an assistant nurse. Has also worked as a coordinator in the home service, responsible for all planning regarding staff schedules and all care recipient, has been working for a number of years with welfare technology in the care and expansion of digitalization in healthcare. Works on developing life story and implementation plans in social care.

Josephine Lindblom – Dementia care developer

Josephine has experience as an assistant and has been working at daycare center for people with dementia. She is also working at the Learning center for good dementia care with education, tutoring and development of new ways of working within the area of dementia in Linköping.

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