Anne Cant - International Manager

Anne has developed the new D&A College International Strategy 2014-2017 and is responsible for leading on international and European activities.  She has participated in previous interreg projects (2013) and a Scottish Government Outward mobility Fund project with College in Florida and West Virginia, USA (2014).  Main skills are leadership and management, intercultural competences, financial management, project management and strategic vision.

Iverene Bromfield - Projects Leader

Iverene has worked with transnational European Funded projects since 1994 submitting applications, leading, managing and evaluating successful projects and delivering training.  She also has 24 years teaching experience.  She has worked extensively in China including work with Chinese universities as an External Verifier, visiting HEIs in Beijing to support quality assurance.

Ros Soutar - Head of Learning for Health and Social Care

Roslyn is the Head of Learning for Health and Social care managing the courses within the portfolio from introductory level to HND.  Roslyn has worked in the college since 1999 as a member of the Care team. She qualified as a State Registered Nurse in 1985, State Registered Midwife in 1987 and holds a Diploma in Community Health Studies for district nursing. Her experience in the nursing profession and holding a teaching qualification has allowed her to work across the subjects within Child, Health and social care.

As a Senior lecturer Roslyn was responsible for the HNC Health Care and the Access to Nursing courses working in close partnership with NHS Tayside to meet the educational requirements for healthcare assistants and assistant theatre practitioners in the NHS workforce.


Roslyn was part of the SQA team to deliver the current SQA awards for care and is an SQA Nominee for these. Roslyn is a registrant of the Nursing Midwifery Council.

Julie Grace - Head of Care

Manages a large academic team, working with external business partners and being responsible for commercial care-related courses.  Julie is Chair of Colleges Scotland Care Strategic Steering Group Operational Group which is a national group representing the care sector.  Her main skills are leadership and management, curriculum design, delivery, review and evaluation.  Strategic and operational planning.

Micholla Finnegan - Project and International Recruitment Co-ordinator

Micholla has supported the External Relations department for many years.  Involved in recruitment and supporting international students and performing a co-ordinating function.  She supports Erasmus+ and interreg projects by helping product proposals, plans and reports, organising and maintaining project records and databases; scheduling meetings; overseeing the activities of project and collaborate with project leads to evaluate progress.  Her main skills are organising, planning, co-ordinating, problem solving, administration, interpersonal skills, intercultural communication, hosting and developing cultural programmes and native Mandarin speaker.

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